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서길성 선교사 선교편지 2013년 11월 편지

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November 2013 - news from Suhs in Cambodia

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Equipping and Empowering 
Christian Leaders in Cambodia

Called To Be A Beacon

Have you seen a windowless building? See the photo below of a building in our area. It is one of many new "KTV" buildings popping up in Phnom Penh. I (Gil) think it stands for "Karaoke TV" and basically a room salon where men go for drinking and entertainment. As the city continues developing, such entertainment businesses seem to expand rapidly as well. By the lure of instant gratification, young Cambodians are tempted to idolise and pursue materialistic life styles. I see this force of secularism as one of the most serious threats to young faith of Cambodian believers. Christian leaders are no exception. Recently, a major Christian organisation here discovered its chief financial officer had been mishandling funds for personal use. Behind it was his pursuit of material things and worldly pleasure. We were all shocked.

Cambodian believers need to be protected from worldly temptations coming at them full force. But I also see God at work in the lives of Cambodian believers. Recently, there was a baptism of 20 young people at the Cambodian church I'm serving. They were all introduced to the gospel, discipled and baptised by Cambodian young leaders. Timothy Leadership Training is growing through the sacrificial work of Cambodian leaders. And some of the young leaders I mentor and coach are excited to share about their growing faith and leadership. So, contrast to the image of windowless KTV, I envision Cambodian church to be a light house, shining the bright light of hope and righteousness in Christ to the darkness. Please pray for Cambodian leaders to be protected and empowered so that they could lead the church to be the light in the darkening situation.  

Sad Realities

Last week, I (Joyce) attended the funeral of Visal, the 1 year old son of my friend Thida.  Visal had gone into a coma from a brain hemorrhage a few days before.  Visal was born with acute hemophilia.  Since his birth, Thida had known how fragile his life was.  She had made regular visits to the National Pediatric hospital, which was the only facility that could handle this condition.  I had gone with her to a few appointments and learned with Thida that the blood factor that he needed for his blood to clot was available only for emergencies not for preventative regular treatment.
Visal had been doing well, a testimony to the care he was getting at home.  He was walking but fell a week or so prior to his last hospitalization.  At that time, he received partial blood transfusion from his father’s blood and was able to go home.  He seemed fine.

He did receive the clotting factor when the internal injury manifest.  However, it was apparently too late.  The whole family was devastated and rallied together at the hospital. 
I got to know Thida at the evangelical fellowship of Cambodia where she was initially working as cleaner and support staff.  I prayed many times with her as she agonized how to best help her son.  My mind has been swimming with questions and grief.
The funeral was held at the pagoda in the Buddhist way, and Visal was buried at the pagoda near our house.  Of course that raises more questions for me as a believer and friend.  I am holding on to the hope that Visal is with Jesus because of his mother’s fragile faith.
It has struck me again that Cambodia needs many            Visal in critical condition
things.  There is a certain amount of development at
the surface.  But health care is still not adequate (if anything really serious happens, one is immediately referred out of the country—if one has resources).  Above all, the need for Jesus is urgent and pressing.  Please pray for Thida and her family.

                       March of Monks Marking the End of Rainy Season 

Prayer Points:

- Pray for continuing peace and stability in Cambodia. Although it's been relatively quiet, there are still some political tensions. 
- Concern about Joyce's eyes that have been inflamed without known cause. She has one weak eye, and needs to ensure nothing happens to the other. 
- Justin Vanzee, partner missionary, will be ordained to be a CRC pastor on Dec 1 and traveling to Cambodia in Jan 2014 to work with emerging leaders. Pray for the final phase of his preparation. 
- Timothy Leadership Training is equipping Cambodian church leaders in different locations. Pray for the coordination team to make wise decisions as demands grow. 
- Joint Asia Assembly of World Renew and World Missions will be held at the end of January in Cambodia. Over 100 participants from various countries, along with Calvin college interim group will gather to learn, share, worship and fellowship.  Pray for safe travels and great gathering of saints.  
- Gil's travel to California for 2 weeks course at Fuller seminary in early Dec. Pray for a refreshing study and also for well being of the family left in Cambodia. 

Vehicle Fund Update

Thanks to supporting churches and individuals for your faithful giving toward our general fund. We are also grateful for the progress on our vehicle fundraising. We have received about 60% of our goal amount ($20,000). If you'd like to give to this need, please send your check to CRWM (Memo: Suh Vehicle) 1700 28th St. SE Grand Rapids, MI 49508 Or give online, please click Suh Vehicle. 


                                                                                                            CRWM East Asia Regional Retreat held in Siem Reap October 2013.

Cambodia is selected as one of the friendliest countries in the world by Lonely Planet. It attracts over 3 million visitors. You are welcome, too.    
                                Gil & Joyce (David, Isaac, Mary) Suh