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Thank You!

We just returned to Cambodia with "thankful and expectant" hearts. Thankful because of so many wonderful visits and memories that made us realise how much we are loved by so many. Expectant because of what God would continue to do in us and through us in Cambodia. We were happy to see many of you in US and Canada (sorry if it didn't work out with some of you). Now we are happy to be back in Cambodia. Yes, in Christ, we are happy no matter where! Although there has been a post-election tension here, things are calm as usual. Please continue praying for peace and prosperity for all in Cambodia. Also for us as we are diving into the busy life and ministry here. 

Families & Friends

A highlight of our home service was to meet our families and friends. Joyce and kids made a trip to Ontario to attend Joyce's grandma's funeral and met a number of relatives as well as her family. We visited Gil's father in Los Angeles (photo). Kids were delighted to meet with their old friends. They all have grown up so much. It was also a treat to meet many friends and supporters in Michigan and California. We feel we are loved and supported by so many wonderful people. 

Church Visits

We visited over 15 churches in 2 months, preaching God's word, sharing stories and reports of mission in Cambodia.  It was also for reconnecting with old friends and meeting new people. All different types of churches and people but they have one thing in common: love for Jesus and His mission and love for us as their missionaries. We were so encouraged and affirmed by these visits. We even got to be a part of the July 4th parade (Thanks to Shawnee Park CRC!). 

Food, Food and Food

Taco Bell, McDonald's, In & Out, Apple Bees, Krispy Kreme,...the list goes on. These are some of the favourite food places we went. Plus, a number of home visits with great meals. O how we were pampered. And it didn't take long to gain weight as a result. Now back to a sweating county, it won't take long to sweat it all out.
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