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Gil and Joyce Shu 선교편지 10-11월 2018 년

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Oct-Nov 2018

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Equipping and Empowering                          
Emerging Leaders in Cambodia        

Connecting God’s People For Mission

It was a holy moment: two Cambodian senior leaders praying for a young American believer. I (Gil) was introducing pastors Paulerk Sar and Heng Cheng to Gary Wybenga, director of Network 20--a global ministry to disciple young men in 20s Gary shared his vision and ministry over the years in different countries, including Cambodia. Paulerk and Heng Cheng agreed that discipling young men in their 20s is critical in Cambodia where the median age is 24 years old (compared to 38 in USA). They got excited about the biblical model of identifying and empowering small groups with a Paul, Silas, Timothy and Barnabas. They immediately introduced other church leaders who would be interested to partner with Gary’s ministry, so we met with them later separately. 

Then, Gary introduced Will, a young man in his 20s, who accompanied him to Cambodia for the first time. Will tearfully shared the story of how he’s been struggling and yet how God has been using other men to help him grow. Right then and there we decided to pray. With our hands on Will, Paulerk beautifully led a prayer of blessing. I’m not sure how others in the restaurant perceived this rather unusual scene, but I’m sure God was smiling. 

I find joy in connecting God’s people to work together and minister to each other. I value mission networking and kingdom collaboration. Together we can learn from each other and serve God’s kingdom better.  The Spirit of God brings unity and integration amidst chaos and competition. I’m excited to see and take part of the movements of the Spirit here in Cambodia and other parts of the world. 

The Face of Missions 

I (Joyce) recently went with a team of 2 colleagues and 3 people from churches in North America to conduct a strategy review of Resonate’s involvement in the Nepal field. As the picture was taken, I was thinking, “Aack, the plants are going to block it!”  But how totally right the composition is:  a flame is in the forefront, framing everything.  It illustrates how the Spirit is moving mightily in Nepal burning brightly in the hearts of people to bring them to saving faith--even in the face of persecution and hardship. 

But there is more in the picture.  I also see the face--or faces--of mission.  We can see some gifted, divinely appointed Nepali pastors, leaders and teachers.  There are workers from India and Korea to Nepal.  We have a pastor of a North American church that has a sister church relationship with a group of churches in Nepal and representatives of another congregation that has adopted one of the Nepali pastors as one of their pastoral team.  Resonate is an integral part of the picture--woven in throughout these relationships.

The North American participants were excited to observe how the seminary integrated ministry involvement and church multiplication into every aspect of its program.  We were inspired by the brilliant church planting strategies among our partners. We were challenged by how our Nepali friends and colleagues are pouring their lives out for the sake of the gospel.  We feel the need to “take this back” to North America.

It’s not a picture of “us” to “them,” but “from the world to the world.”  It is a picture of diversity and unity in mission. What a beautiful thing! 

Prayer and Praise

- Pray for Tepy to hear the voice of Jesus and come to saving faith (she is open and has been taking steps in the right direction). Tepy is one of World Renew staff for whom Joyce leads weekly Bible study. 
- Pray for safety at the upcoming water festival when the city of Phnom Penh will double in population and there are many risks (previous years there was a stampede in which many died and were injured.
- Pray for Joyce's upcoming trip to Myanmar to see the progress made by partners with Timothy Leadership training and opportunities for further involvement with partners there.
- Pray for impact through our spiritual formation programs for young and emerging leaders and healing prayer ministry.
- Pray for our children and extended family--especially the boys who face various challenges far away at college and Joyce's brother, Randall, who is recovering from a serious work accident.  We covet prayers not only for the physical but for God's work in their spiritual lives as well.

- Praise for the testimony of Yean Yean who expressed gratitude for our role in bringing her to Christ and encouraging her journey of faith since 2010
- Praise for testimonies of people coming to Christ and being transformed in connection with TLT in the rural parts of Cambodia.  People who have been abusive and struggled with addiction are gaining freedom in Christ and becoming evangelists in their villages (include prayer for protection and God to safeguard the territory that has been gained)
- The move to the new house has been good for us--though downsized, still plenty of space and provides a quiet stable environment for us to work and live
- Praise for our 10 good years in Cambodia!
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