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2013년 5월 서길성 선교사 선교편지

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May 2013 - news from Suhs in Cambodia

Equipping and Empowering 
Christian Leaders in Cambodia
Suhs portrait

Life in Cambodia is never boring  (Joyce)

This week
- I was stuck in a small traffic kerfuffle near our home caused by a cow on the roadI had sweat stains on the front of my shirt—not from strenuous physical activity, but from teaching bible in my classroom (100 °F + all week).  Power was out for 7 hours straight one day.
- The motodop (motorcycle taxi) I was on the back of ran out of gas at o
ne of the major intersections of Phnom Penh at high noon
- Violent rain storm flooded our third floor because of poor drainage on a small balcony.The road in front of our house peaked at about 6 inches of standing water

Traffic maze- Our shower stall, oven door, and motorcycle all needed repair—occasioned, I believe, by wear and tear  of the humid, harsh and dirty environment and poor quality of fixtures and fittings
- Phnom Penh was listed as the fourth worst world city to live in according to

- I felt like some lights went on in the students when we discussed heaven in Grade 10 Bible class.
- I was able to encourage a Cambodian colleague who started as a teacher’s assistant this week.
- I heard that Women’s program plans to use materials that I created for small groups at the annual national Women’s conference this year.
- I took time to re-assess my calling and ministry and was affirmed in what I am doing.
- The Suh kids dominated at the final city-wide international school swim meet of the season.
- Who cares about ratings?  We love it here and feel privileged and blessed to serve in Cambodia

TLT in Cambodia is growing (Gil)

We just completed another successful round of Timothy leadership training.  This is the sixth year since the training was introduced to Cambodia, and each year we were able to offer this training to different groups TLT group discussionof church leaders. We have a great team of Cambodian leaders who volunteer their time to lead the training. These “master trainers” have completed the training themselves and are eager to pass on to others what they learned and experienced. It’s a great joy to serve together as a team and witness the Timothy principle working out (2 Tim 2:2).  

This pastoral leadership training is gradually making its way to the provincial level. Now four groups of church leaders meet regularly in Pursat, Koh Kong, Kampong Speu provinces, using this method.Because of a growing demand, Navy and Ly Chhay have
been officially appointed as the coordination team leaders and CRWM partner missionaries so that they can set aside some of their time for TLT ministry in Cambodia. I remain as a coach and a team member. Please pray for Navy and Ly and the coordination team as they continue leading this needed ministry. 

                                     TLT Cambodia Coordination Team

Coming to America (for 2 months)

On the last day of May, we will be traveling to US for our two months home service. It’s a tight schedule, but it’s the best we can come up with at this time, considering the school schedule and housing situation. We would like to visit as many churches and see as many supporters/friends as possible, sharing what God is doing in Cambodia. The best way to reach us will be through e-mail.
Here is our tentative schedule:
June  9 - Hamilton CRC, Hamilton, MI
         16 - Central Ave CRC, Holland
         23 - Shawnee Park CRC, GR
         30 - Flint Unity Presbyterian
July   7 - Ann Arbor Hope CRC     
        12 -  San Jose All Nations, CA
        14 - San Jose CRC (AM);
                Walnut Creek (PM)
        21 - First CRC, Visalia (AM);
               Immanuel CRC, Ripon (PM)
        28 - San Jose New Hope CRC (AM);
               Palo Altos CRC (PM)
        29 - return to Cambodia

Prayer Points:

- continuing growth of young leaders Gil coaches. They are pressured and stretched with many tasks, but I see their continuing education and personal growth as a priority for long-term effectiveness.
- give thanks that Sonti has come through treatment for breast cancer and is doing well
- meaningful and refreshing home service despite a tight schedule
- good wrap up next couple weeks before our departure
- housing and transportation needs while in N.California in July
- fundraising for a vehicle replacement. Our CR-V is aging and getting smaller(?) as kids are getting bigger. More details later.  
-our friend Thida needs prayer for her son who has severe haemophilia and is becoming a toddler which puts him at risk for bruising and bleeding.  Medication is not available except for emergencies.